These Are The 3 Major Causes Of Vagina Odor


It’s not supposed to smell like roses down there. But the odor also shouldn’t knock out anyone that comes close to you.

Having a terrible-smelling vagina is not normal. It’s important to know the causes of vagina odor so you can better handle your business down there.


A strong smell coming from your vagina can sometimes be caused by an infection especially if you’re sexually active. Some sexually transmitted infections like bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis can cause things to change down there in terms of odor. A yeast infection can also manifest itself in a ‘fishy’ type of smell as well. If you notice this and other symptoms such as vaginal itching and/or pain, be sure to see a doctor.

causes of vagina odor

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Bad hygiene

Even though this sounds like a given, it’s also one of the causes of vagina odor. You don’t need to shower a dozen times a day or wash your vagina every hour to get the job done. In fact, experts advise against over-washing your vagina as this can remove the fluids that naturally clean it. But you should definitely bath at least once a day and make sure you change your underwear frequently as well.

Too-tight underwear

Yes, the type of panties you wear can determine how you smell. If you prefer underwear that is too tight, it can trap in sweat and bacteria which will also cause an unpleasant odor. Your vagina needs to breathe so try to wear panties that have cotton in the crotch areas to allow air to flow freely. You may also consider going to bed naked to air things out.

causes of vagina odor

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Making a few hygiene changes and also watching out for signs of infections are ways to keep things smelling normal down there.

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