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When you get an engagement ring, it becomes your most valuable piece of jewelry. People will definitely tell you to never take off your ring so you don’t lose it, and they are not wrong. However, to keep your ring pretty and shiny, there are times when you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring.

These 5 times are an absolute must:

 In the gym
shouldn't wear your engagement ring

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Really, any form of exercise is a no-no with your engagement ring, whether it’s on the treadmill, volleyball or even y.. Aside from the obvious damage that the salt from sweat can do, the extreme movement of most types of exercise can cause the ring to twist and, eventually, the stones loosen and start falling out.

Or, the ring itself could fly off and get lost.

you shouldn't wear your engagement ring

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Bleach and other harsh chemicals found in cleaning agents can erode your ring overtime and even if you use gloves, there’s still the tiny bit of stone that can get hooked on the gloves and we know you don’t want that.


Whether at the pool or at the beach, chlorine and salt doesn’t sit right with metal. The temperature difference near water can make your fingers shrink a little and your ring can slip off. You don’t want to start looking for a ring at the bottom of the ocean.

Doing your makeup
shouldn't wear your engagement ring

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Over time, the grease and oil in makeup products can build up the ring crevices. The dirt can cause the ring metal to spoil faster, dull the shine of the stones, or even make the stones to start falling out from increased pressure. So, the next time you want to apply foundation, just take the ring off.

you shouldn't wear your engagement ring

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Your ring does not belong in the kitchen, especially when you’re baking. In addition to exposing your food to germs from all other activities you’ve done with your ring on, steam, heat and a lot of the cooking condiments are not ring friendly. Don’t bake the poor ring, just take it off.

If you get used to the times you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring, you’ll have your beautiful ring for a long time. Here are other ways to keep your rings shiny and bright.


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