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These Are The Important To-Dos For The Week Of Your WeddingZUMI

You’re one week away from walking down the aisle and we know you’re probably so ready! However, you need to consider these to-dos for the week of your wedding.

They include:

Pack properly

If you’re spending the night before your wedding at a hotel, it means that you’ll have pack your bags early. This is one occasion where you’ll need to put in a lot of thought into what to pack. It might be inconvenient to come back home because you forgot something.

to-dos for the week of your wedding

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Beauty appointments

You should be keeping tabs on your vendors every day leading up to the wedding. Confirm the availability of your make up artist, hairstylists and even your nail technician and fix a day and time for your salon run so it doesn’t clash with other activities.

Dress fitting

By this time, we hope that you’ve seen and tried on your wedding dress at least once. However, this is the time for your final fitting so that there’ll be no surprises.

to-dos for the week of your wedding

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Practice your vows

If you plan to say your own vows to your partner, this is the time to go over it until you’re comfortable with the words.


Your big day is almost here, and while it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to get some rest. Take a deep breath and remember that everything will be just fine. When you’re well-rested, you’ll look and feel your best.

to do's for the week of your wedding

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In addition to having a wedding vendor checklist, these to-dos for the week of your wedding will make the wedding easier.

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