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These Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring CutsZUMI

A round cut ring is symettrically round from the top, and this ring can have up to 58 facets to bling from! The style is timeless and elegant.

Princess cut rings used to be really popular and they are still classic. The stone is usually cut in a square, with many facets that gives it brilliance and shine.

Emerald cut rings are shaped in steps, and usually look vintage. The stone is elongated into a rectangle with smooth lines on it, giving it an exquisite brilliant shine.

This ring cut was originally modelled after a woman’s smile; it is shaped exactly like a mouth. It is basically an oval cut ring with sharp, pointy ends.

Symmetrical and long, this shape suits every woman and has a way of looking glamorous on any finger.

Pear cut rings have one rounded end and one sharp end. It’s a perfect cut if you can only afford a small stone, a pear cut will make it look bigger.

(Photo: Instagram/ The Black Bachelorette)

Now that you know the cuts, you can choose the ring that is closest to your heart (and pocket).

Getting engaged is usually so exciting and you’ll enjoy being the center of attention, but no matter how beautiful your ring is, it’s just rude to announce your engagement like this.




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