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These gorgeous hair colors are a must try – Beauty and Health – Lifestyle News


Ah, hair color, there are two types of people, those that are completely, absolutely afraid and those that are bold enough to walk around with a colorful head.

Which one are you? If you’re the former, it’s time to break out of the shell, out of your comfort zone and get you some trendy hair color. The colored hair trend has been there for ages, albeit, thanks to celebrities and fashion IT girls, we are seeing people experiment with vibrant and bold colors such as sunset orange, turquoise, blue, pink and even purple as opposed to the usual blonde, brown and burgundy.

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Hair color is one surefire way to switch up your look if your profession allows. It’s edgy and so 2018! Plus, if you’re afraid of coloring your actual hair, you could go for a colored wig, weave, crotchet hair or even colored braids styles.

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Be unique and unleash your inner unicorn with these bold hair colors.

1. Gorgeous sunset orange.


SZA sunset orange hair (Courtesy)


2. Sexy purple.


Purple hair (Courtesy)


3. Shades of blue.


Blue natural hair mohawk hairdo (Courtesy)


4. Pretty pink.


Pink crotchet hair (Pinterest)


5. Badass platinum blonde.


Platinum blonde natural hair (Courtesy)


6. Fiery red.


Rihanna in red hair (Courtesy)


7. Trendy turquoise.


Turquoise hair (Courtesy)


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