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These Items Will Help You Save Big!ZUMI



Yes, we say you should save money and all, but there are some purchases you will have to make that will help you save more money in the long run.

It sounds paradoxical, but you can save more money when you buy these items:

1. Energy saving bulbs

This is especially true if you use a prepaid meter. Energy saving bulbs take less of a toll on your light bills, so go for ‘em!

2. Stabilizer to protect your appliances from electricity surges

Not buying a stabilizer can be a ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ situation, because bad power surges can destroy your gadgets and you’ll spend money fixing it or buying another one.

3. Nail polish set
save more money

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If you’re really into having your nails glammed up, you could save yourself the regular nail salon fees by buying the tools and learning to do it yourself.

4. An external hard drive

If you lost their entire final year project from computer malware, then we probably don’t have to preach this too much to you. You can save photos, videos, movies and documents in a safe place and free up space on your laptop.

5. Original charger and earpiece

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Yes, they may be pricey, but they save time by charging faster and lasting for longer, so you don’t have to replace as often. And then, can you compare the sound quality from an original earpiece to a knockoff?

5. Rubber shoes/sandals/slippers

These days, it could just rain at any time of the year, and you know how the roads can be. If you’ll be going out and about with public transport, you need to protect those expensive shoes of yours by investing in a pair of cute rubber footwear.

6. Anti-glare glasses

You spend a lot of time using on your computer or ..

save more money

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We’ve all heard that the light from laptops and .s is not the best for our eyes, so anti-glare glasses are the way to go so you don’t use actual glasses in the future.

7. A good phone case

To protect your phone when it falls, because who wants yet another cracked screen?

You probably waste money on these unnecessary things every day.



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