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These Sporty Outfits Are Perfect For The Weekend

It’s Thursday! So technically weekend is around the corner right? The weekend is all about staying comfortable and stylish but most times that involves rocking maxi dresses. However, there are other options that are just as comfortable to explore and sporty outfits are one of them!

After sticking to a dress code all week (especially if you work a 9-5), we totally understand why you would want to spend the weekend in loose fit pieces. But like we mentioned earlier, off-duty maxi styles are great and all but making them your go-to style every weekend may start to feel boring. That is why we suggest sporty outfits with an athleisure vibe. Think dungarees, round neck tees, leggings, joggers and bra tops.

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Tokemakinwa)

For the ultimate casual vibe, pairing them with slides will help you achieve that look. But if you are looking to step things up a notch, there are tons of accessories that could help. Sneakers, beanie, baseball hats, and fanny packs work just fine. However, fashionistas and influencers are taking things up a notch by throwing accessories like heels, purses, and blazers in the mix. Who would have thought?

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Lolaoj)

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)

With the athleisure version, the options you can choose from are even more. With them, you’ll get a much-deserved break from maxi dresses. See some of the other options we found!

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Mizwanneka)

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Tolubally)

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Aude_julie)

Sporty Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Itsmasiala)

For more weekend slay, check out the cute Ankara maxi skirt styles we found here!

Featured image via Lolaoj, Mizwnneka, Tolubally

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