> is a list of things you must teach your boys before they are ten:


Though our society still tends towards patriarchy, times are changing, gone are the days when a male child would fold his legs and everything is being done for him by virtue of his gender.

Teach your boys that being male doesn’t mean they are in control of everything, it isn’t a license to be lazy, to be arrogant, to do as he likes.

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This is very important, being a man isn’t a license to hit a woman, make it very clear to your boys that hitting women is bad and unacceptable to you. If you imbibe this rule in them from a young age, it would go a long way to help our society. If you see him beating his sisters or fighting a girl, caution him. Teach him to respect women and other people in general.

Some men are trying to . smart since women feel they should be equal to men, they neglect their duties as the breadwinner of the family and allow their wives to suffer alone. Teach your child about hard work and how it often pays off, he must always be responsible for his wife and children.

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Always remind your boys that one woman is enough. One wife is enough, he should learn to be faithful from the time he is old enough to date and the time he is old enough to marry. Tell him about strange women, those women that lure married men to sleep with them, they only come when it’s rosy for the man and once his financial empire crumbles, they vanish into thin air.

Teach him to love and care for his wife.


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