Paralyzed at four month old, Evelyn Moore (1-year old), is probably the littlest baby ever to drive herself on a wheelchair – just like other kids learn how to crawl and walk.

The baby’s Mother, Kim Moore explained how baby Evelyn, who is also her first child, was diagnosed with cancer as she was taken to the hospital for her fourth month check up.

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A nurse had noticed too much movement with the child’s hips, then a doctor recognized a lump protruding from her spine. Doctors could not remove the stage 4 neuroblastoma tumour so she underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy, which caused her paralysis.

After doctors told Mrs. Moore her daughter would likely be pulling herself around with her arms, until she was about two before she can use wheelchairs, the mother couldn’t stand to watch her baby feeling helpless. She wanted her baby to be independent and free.

So Mr. and Mrs. Moore husband planned and built a $100 baby wheel chair for Evelyn. Mrs. Moore said:

“My husband spent a night in his garage attaching a second-hand Bumbo chair to a kitchen cutting board, then put casters on the bottom and small wheels from a children’s bike on each side. 

“It took a while for Evelyn to figure it out. Then one day Dad nudged her down the driveway and she was able to stop herself.

“She now waves her arms when she knows she’s about to be put in her chair, and — able to only speak a few words like “dada” and “uh-oh” — tilts the chair back and forth, clicking the casters to show she’s excited.”

The mother said as Evelyn gets bigger, she’ll move into other wheelchairs more costly, but that they are preparing for that as well as.

Evelyn’s doctor Bev Wilson said “the toddler looked like any adult or older child would in a wheelchair. She was turning around in circles, backing up.”

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Mrs. Moore’s idea of building the baby wheel has obviously inspired the pediatric oncologist, Wilson who said she would recommend a “rigged up” wheelchair like Evelyn’s to parents of other paralyzed youngsters.

Evelyn’s father, Brad Moore on the other hand expressed his joy at how his baby is adapting so well with her paralysis,

“I want her to grow up knowing she can do anything, he says. That nothing can stop her.”

This Paralyzed 1-Year Old Toddler Drives Her Own Wheelchair 
Baby Evelyn looks determined to control the wheelchair.


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