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Nobody is perfect, we all have our little pros and cons. And our bodies are living proof of us being only human. But why deny yourself the pleasure of wearing tight, fashionable clothes, just because of a little extra volume? Those muffin tops and belly rolls can be tamed in no time with the help of a magic undergarment, nowadays known as shapewear. Fit or not fit, young or a little bit older, it doesn’t matter, as everyone should have a pair of comfortable shapewear at their disposal. But, before buying yourself your first body slimming suit, learn a little bit more about how you can correct your figure with Feelingirldress body shapers.

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Shapewear isn’t only meant to reduce the number of fat rolls on the body, flattening the voluminous areas. A correctly chosen, high-quality shapewear can take your figure to the next level of curvature! Choose the best body shaper that has an extra elastic band on the waistline. It will comfortably tighten up your stomach area, visibly reducing the size of your waist and belly. Such shapewear guarantees an hourglass-shaped figure and a better fit of your favorite bodycon dress.

Good news for those of us, who struggle with cellulitis and flaccid skin in the inner part of the thighs. High waist leggings, made of stretchy nylon and spandex, will not only tightly embrace your legs, reducing the unwanted volumes, but also provides a necessary compression for the skin. Working out in such leggings is super enjoyable.

If we are talking about working out shapewear, it would be a crime not to mention a wholesale waist trainer, which was specially developed for physical activities. A workout waist trainers are usually made with thermo-promoting synthetic material, such as neoprene, to make your body sweat more during exercising. It also features steel bones that support your posture and evenly spread the exercise stress.

Every woman experienced skin bulging at some moment in her adult life. Those annoying skin rolls get out of control and want to show themselves off from underneath tight clothing, all in wrong places like the back and stomach area. Slimming shapewear, with steel bones and but lifting part is a great solution that fixes two issues at a time: abdomen imperfections and flat buttocks.

And, of course, shapewear nowadays doesn’t’ have to look ugly. It can be functional and cute without any comfort sacrifices. For example, take a look at this transparent butt lifter, made with lightweight, sexy lace. It also has two removable sponge pads, which you can add for an extra curvy silhouette. Check out the Feelingirldress Black Friday on sale and purchase your next sexy shapewear.



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