It’s a lot lower than you may guess
wedding night s*x

Something might be missing from the average wedding night: The majority of couples don’t have s*x on the night of their nuptials, according to a survey . lingerie brand Bluebella.

In the survey of over 1,000 couples, 52 percent reported they didn’t have s*x on their wedding night.


Why the wait?

Women said they were too tired, waiting for the perfect moment, too drunk, or traveling for their honeymoon.

And men’s top reasons were they were too drunk, or wanted to keep partying with their friends.

The couples finally did get some action later, though. One-third of them had s*x the morning after the wedding, while 1 in 10 held out until 48 hours later.

But when they did have s*x, it was worth the wait: 84 percent said that when they finally did have s*x, it lived up to all their expectations.

.: Womenshealth


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