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This Is How Social Media Advice Can Affect Your relationshipZUMI

Some of us are on dating groups and love advice groups on social media, especially on Facebook and WhatsApp. But do you know how social media advice can affect your relationship? Well, a lot of people who give advice on social groups are giving you advice based on their experience. Unless it’s a licensed therapist or relationship coach you shouldn’t be taking every advice you get wholeheartedly.

This is why you might want to think twice about taking relationship advice from social media:

Most people advise you based on their idea of your relationship

Most people will give you advice based on what they have seen of your relationship. So if their idea of your relationship is a lot of love on your part, they can assume your partner is too tough. They will give advice that makes you feel you need to be stronger, even when they don’t have the full picture.

how social media advice can affect your relationship

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Nobody knows the full story

Similar to the first point, when you’re talking about relationship issues, most people give one-sided stories. People will then advise you based on your side of the story and this might not always be the right way to go. Especially when the other party is not around to tell their side.

Some advice comes from a place of pain

Another reason social groups are not the best place to take advice is that people are in different moods at different times. Most people can’t separate what they feel from what’s logical and can project their issues onto you. So they give advise based on how they feel at the time and not on the issue you’re tackling.

how social media advice can affect your relationship

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It can make you romanticize people

We hear what people tell us about their relationship and how they handle it. Then we assume that’s what’s truly happening and then want to be like them or act on their advice. The problem with this is that people tend to romanticize their lives for the world to see so they lie or exaggerate. Following their advice might get you into trouble.

It’s better to seek advice from a licensed counsellor or therapist who knows how to keep their feelings out of logic and truly help. Meanwhile, here’s how to know if his friends are ruining your relationship.






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