Calabar used to be the envy of the south-south states in Nigeria, due to its beauty and cleanliness, but over the past few years, the city has lost its glory.

Following the current state of refuse dumps being unattended to and dirt littering the streets, residents of Calabar have engaged in a campaign captioned ‘#ThisIsNOTCalabar.’

Calabar in its current state


Indeed, this is not the Calabar that once trended as “cleanest state,” during the administration of Donald Duke. During the past two administration, which lasted from 1999 to 2007, the capital of Cross Rivers State was kept clean and beautiful – courtesy of the governor’s initiative.


Refuse dumps were discarded more than once every day, the streets were swept on a daily basis and the road-side trees were trimmed regularly.

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The town is now a shadow of itself, as the government is yet to take actions to restore the city’s beauty. The residents are campaigning saying . . .

1. Our litter bins must return to reduce municipal waste.

2. The government must put an end to street trading in the city NOW.

3. The hawkers around traffic lights must be cleared off the roads.

4. CUDA should devise more innovative and healthier ways of collecting and disposing of waste.

5. Time has come for the introduction of SWEEPERS for a faster and more efficient street cleaning.

6. A recycling plant is long overdue. We can’t rely solely on land-filling and/or incineration.


7. Our Parks and GREEN areas are going BROWN!!!

8. Let the government immediately embark on a robust campaign like Donald Duke’s #CleanAndGreen, which they will compellingly communicate to the people.

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Meanwhile, Governor Ayade of Cross Rivers State has appealed to the residents to be patient with his administration, as they are working on the situation.

“Once more, I want to plead with you for your understanding as my team and I aggressively seek to address the challenge of waste disposal.

“We are concerned about your interest, health, welfare, safety and security. These are keys to me. Have a little patience; this waste will soon be a thing of the past.

“I beg of you, recognise that I have you at heart, the challenge is temporary. I am already working out the solution. We will soon overcome this.

“It is very certain now that I have gotten a new location and within the next two or three weeks, I would have made this location available for waste disposal to commence properly.”


It would be a great relief to the people of Calabar if the government attends to their pleas as soon as possible, as they are currently being exposed to the dangers of living in the midst of several refuse dumps.