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This Is The Best Age To Get Married According To Science



If you’re in your 20s, you’re probably thinking that you’ve got stacks of time to find The One, settle down and relinquish your irresponsible single life. But apparently, you don’t.

Because according to something called the ‘37% Rule’, the perfect age to get married is 26.

The 37% Rule is basically the theory that you need to screen a range of options in a limited time frame. That could be jobs, new flats, prospective housemates or romantic partners. And the best time to make that decision is when you’ve looked at 37% of the options available.

At that part of the selection process, you’ve gathered enough information to make a considered decision without having wasted too much time assessing further, unnecessary options. After you’ve seen just over a third of the contenders, you’re in the perfect position to choose the best.

And according to ‘Algorithms to Live .: The Computer Science of Human Decision’, co-authored . journalist Brian Christian and cognitive scientist, that means that . 26, you’ve assessed enough of human nature to pick your life partner.

It’s based on the given that most of us are looking for love between the ages of 18 and 40 – meaning that the optimal age for seriously thinking about committing to someone is just past your 26th birthday – 37% into the 22-year window.

Before then, you’re missing out on potentially higher-calibre partners and after that, your good options start to diminish, basically meaning that unless you settle, you’ll be alone forever.

So, that’s good.




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