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This Is The Ultimate Wedding Vendor Checklist For A Great WeddingZUMI

Planning a wedding isn’t child’s . so having a team focused on helping you to achieve a successful wedding is a good idea. This wedding vendor checklist will help you take note of the major service providers you’ll need.

You need these vendors:

Wedding planner

The wedding planner will take a lot of stress off your back and might even recommend some vendors they have worked with before. If you don’t want a wedding planner, you will have to do the research and legwork yourself.

wedding vendor checklist

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Finding a great decorator is very important, and we suggest you ask for recommendations from people who have used their service before. The decorator might have their own florist, or you could bring in someone whose job it is to provide the flowers for the event (including your bouquet).

Wedding dress vendors

You’ll need a vendor you can buy, make or rent your wedding dresses from, as well as the dresses your bridesmaids will wear (if you’re going to have any).

wedding vendor checklist

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Wedding ring vendors

If you like the quality of your engagement ring, it’ll be easier for you to get the wedding ring from the same brand. They might even offer you a discount! For more options, here are some ring vendors in Nigeria that you can find on Instagram.

wedding vendor checklist

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Getting a great photographer is the key to saving all your amazing wedding memories. Don’t forget to specifically ask your photographer if they make videos too; you might have to get a separate videographer.

wedding vendor checklist

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You don’t want just any DJ, you should get a wedding DJ. You can also share your .list with the DJ if you have any music preferences. Great music makes the world go round, or was that love?

wedding vendor list

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Nigerians don’t joke with their jollof, so you need a caterer that can deliver. To save cost and energy, you can ask your caterer to make arrangements for drinks and ushers to serve the guests.

wedding vendor checklist

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A lot of couples overlook this bit and have stranded family members or close guests. Even if you don’t want to hire drivers, you can make arrangements with friends or family to help drive some cars on your wedding day so that people are not left behind.

wedding vendor checklist

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Makeup artist & nail technician

Your facebeat is very important so you need to find a good makeup artist. You should book on time so that they can fit you into their busy schedule. Your nails have to pop too, make sure you find a technician that knows her stuff.

wedding vendor checklist

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Just like your makeup and nails, you’ll need to find a good hairstylist on time (and have a trial run of what you want your hair to look like) so that you won’t hear stories that touch.

wedding vendor checklist

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Once you have these vendors in your corner, you’re ready for an amazing wedding. Meanwhile, this ultimate wedding planning list has every detail you need to pull off this wedding.

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