I met my ex-boyfriend in NYSC camp five years ago and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with him. After camp, we posted to different areas but it didn’t stop us from making out time to see each other at least three times a month. In these times we stayed together, we made love regularly but i never once got pregnant despite the fact that we never used protection.

One day, he asked me if I was dating someone else? I was shocked and denied it. He then told me that a man was always visiting him in the dream and warning him to stay away from me, that I was his wife. I was forced to confess to him that I had a spirit husband which was always troubling me, but because I had not seen him in my dreams, I just assumed that he was no longer interested in me.

My ex laughed and told me that i shouldn’t worry, that nothing was going to separate us…

Sadly, they were mere words. Five years on, I am still single while he has married someone else and i have no suitor. My ex keeps telling me that he didn’t know exactly why we broke up, but it just happened.

The day we broke up, for the first time in years, I saw the spirit husband clearly. He was smiling and he said to me, “you think you found love?”

I swear with all I hold dear that what I am saying is the truth. 5 years on I have no suitor, and for some strange reason the ones that come don’t stay. I have had a few relationships but once I have se x with them, I lose interest in the men, or vice versa. I know it is wrong to fornicate so i have stopped because sin feeds this spirit husband demon.

Please, I don’t know if you guys can recommend a good prayer house. I have tried MFM and have gone to prayer city several times but the problem is still there.

I am so depressed and I need help because I don’t know why God is keeping silent.

– I think this lady’s problem need to be traced to the . and properly dealt with. Really sad!