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This Trick Will Keep Your Inexpensive Jewellery From Turning Green

A good number of accessory brands have thankfully found a way to make their pieces look very expensive even though they cost next to nothing, but these costume pieces still end up turning green on our skin!

This is mostly because those inexpensive jewellery pieces are made with coated metals like copper and silver which oxidize quickly. The sickly green colour also comes from a chemical . between the acid found on your skin and the type of metal used in making the jewellery. Another factor that causes your jewellery to turn green could be a chemical . between your skin care products (body lotion, moisturizer etc) and the metal in the accessory.

keep your jewellery from turning green

(Photo: Viva Luxury Blog)

With our harsh weather conditions, sweat, water and moisture generally are enough to turn your inexpensive jewellery green.

The good news, however, is that we have found a new, foolproof, super easy way to keep your jewellery from turning green. Care to take a guess? Nail polish!

Yes, applying a coat of clear nail polish (the one we call hardener lol) on your accessory can prolong its lifespan up to 100%. Simply apply the nail polish on the part of the accessory that touches your skin. So for rings, coat the inner part of the band and for necklaces, coat the back with the clear nail polish. Ensure the jewellery is completely dry before wearing it. After doing this, you will be able to stop your jewellery from turning green.

keep your jewellery from turning green

(Photo: Musely)

Also, remember to reapply the nail polish from time to time to reinforce it.

The idea behind this is that the nail polish creates an unnoticeable barrier between your skin and the metal, ultimately stopping the chemical .s that cause jewellery to turn green. Isn’t it just pure genius? Give this trick a try today and say goodbye to all your jewellery drama.

When using nail polish to keep your jewellery from turning green, be careful to use only brands that produce non-toxic nail polish.

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