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Those Who Looked Down On Me Must Be Regretting Now – Funke Akindele-Bello



Nollywood versatile and energetic actress, producer and director Funke Akindele-Bello is at a point in life where everyone agrees she deserves all of the accolades she is getting and many more, and she has some words for people who have the attitude and habit of looking down on others.
From the sitcom ‘I Need to Know’ which aired from 1998, the actress with over 2 decades experience in the Nigerian movie industry has put in so much hardwork and energy in her craft, honing her skills and being it all one after the other and becoming a household name, a force to be reckoned with and above all, a big time and international money maker.Funke Akindele
In her journey, she sure must have met with naysayers, bad critics, disappointments, closed doors and more often than not, people who looked down on her. Rising above all, including her first failed marriage, Funke Akindele is in the forefront of the Nigerian movie industry and one of the top 10 big names making waves.
Realising her own achievement and obviously looking at how she has come, Funke Akindele then advised people to stop looking down on others as those who did same to her must be regretting it now. “Don’t look down on anyone!! They will surely be the next big thing!! Those who looked down on me back then will surely be like *had I known* Don’t stop supporting peeps even when some are ungrateful. Just know how & when to draw the line.We are all on earth for a purpose!”, she wrote.Funke Akindele
In another tweet, the happily married mom of two then sent out some words of encouragement and motivation to those who are looked down on, asking them to keep working like no one is watching them. Adding that they will get a big yes one day, Funke Akindele told them to ignore naysayers, embrace constructive criticism and never give up.
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To those being looked down on, keep doing your thing! Keep working like no one is watching! One day you will get a BIG YES that will take you to the next big level. Never give up. Ignore Naysayers! Believe in your dreams &go for it. Embrace constructive criticism& use it to ur advantage“, she tweeted. SEE TOKE MAKINWA’S REACTION TO DORATRHY’S FULL CHEST
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