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Tinubu’s Cup Of Tea: Reactions As Onanuga Curses Najaatu – Lifestyle Nigeria

Reactions were distilling on Tuesday after Bayo Onanuga, media director in the Bola Tinubu cursed critics of the APC presidential candidate after prominent northern activist, Najaatu Muhammad alleged that Tinubu cannot hold a cup of tea.

. reports Hajia Najatu Muhammad who was director of the Tinubu campaign’s directorate of Civil Societies had last Thursday resigned from the position and from the APC.

She had subsequently pledged allegiance to the PDP’s Atiku Abubakar.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

In an interview with The Whistler, she had said that Tinubu was physically and mentally infirm and incapable of holding a cup of tea.

She had said:

“I sat with him for two hours in London; when you talk of green, he will give you an answer of red. He can’t even decipher. He has very serious dementia; I believe he has Alzheimer’s because he cannot even hold a cup of tea,” she said.

The assertion from Najaatu Muhammad especially on his ability to hold a cup of tea had further fueled discussions on the capacities of Tinubu to hold office as president.

Responding to her and other critics, Bayo Onanuga in a post on twitter said:

Following his apparent curse, arising from the claim by Najaatu Muhammad that Tinubu cannot hold a cup of tea, many Nigerians went on twitter to give their reactions:

Rotimi Ipinmoroti @ipinmoroti_r

I think the weight of the broom is more than a cup of Tea. He that can hold the broom can hold the cup of tea. Let us stop telling white lies on social media

Joemarshall @joemars6ix

School is not a scam. Holding a broom is different from holding a cup of tea because once the hands shake, it will spill. Vote wisely make this kind of people no enter government again abeg. Vote Malik Ado-Ibrahim

Emeka Ok @Emmykingsok

Which God are you talking about? Is it the God that have seen how greedy, wicked and self-cantered the man is by controlling almost quarter of a state money, if not more, as pension or which God? Do you think you can mock God??

h. isa oyofo @evagwo

So the Nigerian Presidential race is now a disco dancing competition? I’m asking same you who said that the presidential race wasn’t same as training for the Olympics! See yourself?

Chidera Godwin @amChidera

Using every opportunity to show proof of life.. APC and proof of life na 5&6   from one candidate to another every 8yrs. Make una change tactics abeg.

primrose Obata dodo @primrosedodo

Of course He can hold it after taking his medication, don’t get too excited

Abubakar Sadiq Suleiman @Drsasadiq

Especial AriseTV.. They spent 30 minutes this morning discussing how BAT cannot hold a tea cup and completely silent of the burning Atikugate saga of the moment. NONSENSE!

Pearl #Ngozi OBIdient @pearlxela12345

But why would the dancing of a 70 year old man as you guys claim be a big deal? 70 years old people even jog, run. Thiefnubu is 86 years, that’s why when he dances, you guys celebrate.

Domzhi Simon Nannim @DomzhiN

Wow! Our presidential election is now BTW who can hold brown and who cannot.. make we just dey play

Juba O’juba @JubaOjuba1

He holds the broom, he dances after the life saving stetoid has been given. Allow the steroid to wean out and Nigerians will see the true tinubu. Stop fooling people by spewing gibberish.

Dolapo @DolapoChamp

We want him on debate with the rest Presidential candidates without anyone of you .

Pally @dmancomeslow

What is the size and weight of the broom compared with the size and weight of the cup @naja

‘atu Muhammad referred. Ègbón u of all people should know that arguments should be put in perspective. Thanks

OPTIMIST Kay @optimist_kay

The shaking of the brooooooom and the dance movements are just in resonance with a shaking Body.. Even if he stands ‘steady’and holds the broom, the whole body will still be dancing.. It is called resonance. His body is a musical instrument set on steady beat

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