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Tiwa Savage Stole My Song, One Of Her Biggest Songs – Seyi Shay



Following the feud she had with her 7-year-older colleague, Tiwa Savage, in a salon in Lagos on Tuesday, singer Seyi Shay has further spilled some dirty things from the past that she did to her, laying accusations of theft, threat and violence against her and her brand.
In a 10-minute phone conversation the Right Now crooner had, she alleged that Tiwa Savage stole a song she co-wrote, Lova Lova, which she (Tiwa Savage) did with Duncan Mighty, and wouldn’t have it when she asked to be given a credit.Tiwa Savage Stole My Song, One Of Her Biggest Songs - Seyi Shay“I mean look at this, this is the same person that went to go and sing my song, one of her biggest songs ever. Mr Lova Lova, I co-wrote that song with Ceeza Milli. Was it not you and I that watched it on the fvcking screen in America and we were like “is this not your song, Seyi is this not your song”? I wanted to run mad. And I called her immediately I said, “Tiwa, that Mr Lova Lova song I just saw it, congratulations, but I need to let you know I co-wrote that song and I need you to give me my meta-data, at least give me my credit”. She said no o, she doesn’t believe that I co-wrote it, that the song is out already, what should she do, should she go and stop the (put it down down)?, and I was like no, just give me my credit. You were there now, in fact, I recorded the whole conversation”, she said.
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She further alleged that Tiwa Savage threatened a brand for making her an ambassador while she was pregnant with her son, Jamil. “This is the same girl that went to attack a popular male artiste that we know for featuring on one of my songs and featuring on her song too. This is the same girl that went to approach a very big brand that we all know and threatened them to take them to court unless they take me off their ambassadorship… because she was pregnant at the time, and how can they put me as their ambassador. All these things that have been going on all these years that I have said nothing about because at the end of the day like her stealing my song, her making up rumours and lies to the brand, just make me feel like that fvck you challenge really was nothing compared to what I could have done or said to her in the past”, she added.Tiwa Savage Stole My Song, One Of Her Biggest Songs - Seyi Shay
Tiwa Savage Stole My Song, One Of Her Biggest Songs - Seyi Shay
Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay
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