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Toke Makinwa, Etinosa Idemudia share ex-husband’s cheating scandals

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Notable celebrities like Toke Makinwa and Etinosa Idemudia, have shared their experiences with their cheating husbands respectively.

Toke Makinwa took to her Instagram page to share how she had to been told to know her place as a wife when her husband was publicly cheating on her.

She said her husband had told her that her place is as his wife and the side-chick as a girlfriend and she had lived with that for the rest of their marriage.

The TV host said, “That one time i caught my ex cheating on me, he said i was the wife and she’s only a girlfriend and i should act approprietely, i let him continue to cheat in peache as long as i was number 1.”

In response to her post, Etinosa said she had caught condoms with jer ex-husband and he had given an excuse that the condom is for his colleagues and she had believed him.

Etinosa claimed she found condoms everywhere and the sad part is they were trying to conceive. She said she is however grateful to him that she didn’t contact STD from him.

Her comment read, “Na so I see condom with my ex. Baba said his colleagues gave him to hold. We were trying to conceive so it definitely wasn’t his. Me mumu I believed him.

“Nigga was cheating from day one of the sham of a marriage. Condom everywhere. Our house, our cars, his wallet, everywhere. Later i was grateful to him for at least protecting me from std…. Never in my life.”

Toke’s marriage to Maje Ayida ended in 2017 and he has moved on with another woman. Etinosa has been married twice.

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