Tolanibaj blasts MC who tribe-shamed her at Prince’s homecoming party

Former BBNaija season 5 housemate, Tolanibaj has slammed an MC who tribe-shamed her at Prince‘s homecoming party.

Tolanibaj blasts MC who tribe-shamed her

Recall we earlier reported that Prince was welcomed home like a king in Owerri, the Imo state capital over the weekend.

During the homecoming party, the master of ceremony cracked a joke about the “ship” that almost sailed between Prince and Tolanibaj.

According to the MC, when Prince was about falling for Tolanibaj in the BBNaija house, they prayed fervently so he doesn’t end up “going to Yorubaland” and that he’s grateful “the wishes our fathers” followed him and he came back to Igboland safely.

Knowing fully well the joke was directed at her, Tolanibaj has now taken to Twitter to express her disappointment at the statement made by the MC.

She wrote on Twitter, “Tribalism or illiteracy?”, a question targeted at the MC’s unguarded utterances at the party.

Watch the video of the MC tribe-shaming Tolanibaj below;

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Meanwhile, reactions have trailed the video which has now gone viral on cross-multiple social media platforms. Read some of the reactions below…

Tolanibaj blasts MC who tribe-shamed her

Tolanibaj blasts MC who tribe-shamed her

A former BBNaija alumnus, Leo DaSilva has also taken to social media to condemn the MC’s utterances. See his comment below;



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