Tomike Adeoye shares her experience as she welcomes first baby

Tomike Adeboye, an award winning actress and entrepreneur has shared a video for the first time of her new baby which she delivered last July.

“According to her, the baby girl Oluwatomike Olajumoke Omobonike Aria Adeoye arrived 7th of July 2021.

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Announcing the arrival of her newborn, Tomike wrote on Instagram;

“08:16am on 7/7/21, my PERFECT Baby was born🥺🙏🏾 Oluwatomike Olajumoke Omobonike Aria Adeoye!

“6 hours of labour with contractions 2 mins apart! 1hr of “you’re doing so well, pusshhhh, pusshhhh, we can see the head, we can see the head!” In my mind I’m like “pull am out na! Shuuu! 🥵😳Which one is you can see the head for almost one hour somebody is pushing in the midst of painful contractions!😂39weeks & 6days yet my sister balance for womb like landlady!You can see the head boya make you drag am out! 😂Ashey biggie lomo😂 biggie biggie! Heavy heavy! 3.64kg! Sister Mii 8 pounds baby😂😩😂 oh what an experience! I’m so grateful to God for seeing me through every second of this journey!

“I’m grateful to Dr Mary Nath, my Indian wonder, the best Gynecologist any woman can ask for! Guided me through every step! Looked at me like I was crazy when I insisted on “no epidural”😂she kept saying “I don’t know how you did it! First baby! Some women who checked in before you are yet to deliver” in my mind I’m like if you know the prayer wey full our head you will understand 😩prayers from the north,east,west&south! It’s not my power you’re seeing but my father in heaven! oh how I’m thankful for my family, the best support system any one can ask for! My family members on the gram for the prayer rain every morning and evening in my dm😩Thank you for the moral support! We carried this baby together 😩💕

“My husband who was practically with me in spirit soul and body! Momma who refused to sleep till 8:16am when I put to bed! My mother-in-law whose hands I flung away several times I was in pain🤣😂 one minute she’s pleading blood of Jesus and massaging my back; the next minute I’m removing her hand like mummy wait first, no touch me😂

“Aunty Dele and Uncle Tayo who were present every second of the journey! Driving for an hour to and fro every week for my check ups🙌🏽🥺💕Thank you for feeding me, for taking care of me and your baby🥺💕

“Oh yes, I showed up in my @malliaworld brush and go unit because regardless of the labour process, it remains straight for life! Bone straight goals😂🔥and what’s a celebration without my @maltina🥳.”

She is obviously enjoying her new phase of parenthood with baby Aria.

Watch the video below:

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Written by Kenneth Afor

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