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Top 10 Happiest Countries In Africa 2022

8. Congo
The Congo is one of those rare examples of an impoverished country being happier than many wealthy nations. The Congolese people are proof that happiness means being content with what you have.
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7. Liberia
Liberia’s natural resources provide for the majority of the country’s GDP. However, the industry is not effectively controlled. On the plus side, Liberia’s economy is steadily improving.6. Algeria
Algeria, Africa’s largest country by landmass, is the continent’s sixth happiest country. Since the last poll, Algeria has risen 13 places in the world’s happiness rankings, from 109th to 96th.
5. Gambia
The Gambia’s economy is recovering well from the COVID-19 pandemic. The tourism and trade industries contribute significantly to the GDP of the country. The Gambia is currently the 5th happiest country on the continent and 93rd globally.READ ALSO: Black Excellence: Top 10 Richest Musicians In Africa
4. South Africa
Irrespective of the crime rate and negative reports from South Africa, this amazing country is number four on the list of Africa’s top 10 happiest countries which means that they must be doing something right based on research.
3. Ivory Coast
Check out this West-African country of 26 million and you will learn about its beach resorts, luxurious rainforests, and rich wildlife. This lovely country is a fast-growing economy, the world’s top exporter of cocoa, and an oil producer.
2. Libya
The notion that Libya routinely ranks amongst the happiest countries in Africa seems to baffle and even amuse many Libyans. And while it remains true that happiness can be achieved despite less-than-ideal circumstances, the World Happiness Report has not failed to register the increasing pessimism of the Libyan population.
1. Mauritius
White sand beaches, turquoise ocean waters, breathtaking forests. It is easy to picture this island off the east coast of Africa as a happy place.

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