It is not just women who have something to hide, men too have their reasons for keeping a few things from their partners.

10 men reveal the top lies they tell their women.

1. I love you: “I was sexually attracted to my girlfriend long before I fell in love with her. But at that time, when she asked me, I told her I loved her because that was what she wanted to hear.” – Mark, 24.

2. I am single: “One lie I tell most women is that I am single. I am not in a serious relationship but I have a few women I see from time to time. I have not found ‘the one’ yet, but when I meet a potential girlfriend, I have to tell her I am single.” Benji, 24.

3. I am not into looks: “I have a picture in my head of my ideal woman, and my girlfriend does not exactly look like that. I tell her it does not matter to me, but I know I will be way more attracted to her if she looked a certain way” – OC, 26

4. I make X amount of money: “My wife does not know exactly what I make. I do not want her to feel entitled and start making demands if she finds out, so I keep my real earnings from her.” – Nnamdi, 32

5. I want to get married: “I am not completely ready to be married right now, but I know if my girlfriend knows this, she will leave. So I make her happy by not being totally honest about it.” Jafar, 32.

6. I am not looking for a serous relationship: “I say this to women I really do not want to date anymore. I do not want to break up with them so I tell them I am just not looking for a relationship.” – Bayo, 31.

7. It’s not just sex: “I tell women this before we get intimate. No woman wants to feel used so I try to convince them it’s not just sex I want from them. But most times, it is, at least in the beginning.” – Martin, 28

8. I don’t find her attractive: “My wife will get mad if I ever tell her I found some other woman attractive. So, whenever she asks, I always say she is the only one I am attracted to.” Yinka, 36.

9. You are the best I ever had: “My fiancee is not the best sex partner I have had, but there is not reason she should know that.” Joseph, 29.

10. My friend’s opinion don’t matter: “Although I don’t always take their advice, I do value my friends’ opinion. I take most of my issues to them and they have to approve a woman before I date her. I cannot tell my woman this.” Niyi, 27.



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