Pregnancy does so many things to your body; it gets it swollen and even shrinks your diet. The current state of your body sometimes, doesn’t make shopping easy, especially if you are the very stylish type. You probably want to test virtually all the clothes you are shopping for. Well, thank God for online stores that have made shopping easier for all. This means that you don’t have to go there in your very uncomfortable condition; simply order for them online. There are online stores that have been trusted over the years. You’ll surely get your desired dresses here, be it work clothings or usual maternity wears. Here are the top five online stores to shop for maternity wears:

1.Topshop Maternity: This store has some great designs for the price, and the quality is pretty good. Topshop’s maternity selection are known to be problem-free. This is one lovely store to patronize.



2. GAP Maternity: Here you get work-friendly dresses, basic denim, and even gym clothes.This site is your best bet for simple solid maternity clothing. None of the collections from here is going to make you feel uncomfortable.



3. Rosie Pope: Recognizing the wide range in pregnant bodies, this store lets you search by best assets, meaning you can call up clothes that flatter your shoulders, legs, or your brand-new power cleavage. You can also get ideal heels for pregnancy in this store. The collections here are cute.

11rosie pope

Rosie Pope

4. Target: The Target store is another reasonable store for lovely maternity clothing. Sales policies here are not as bad. Besides, maternity clothes here are awesome for the price!

11moody mamas target logo


5. Old Navy: Old Navy is a great place to shop for maternity clothes. There are always sales and lots of cute trends for you to try out while you are expecting.


Old Navy


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