These are the Insecurities Men Don’t Want Women to Know
1. Negative thoughts:

These are the lingering thoughts that develop in childhood in response to negative things that happened, such as abuse, lack of love, provoking, lack of respect, and controlling parents. Negative thoughts can lead to poor communication and aggression in a relationship.
If you’re dwelling on negative thinking, it’s a sign that you need to change your thinking. You need to address the issues of your past and deal with them to have a healthy relationship.

2. Lack of open-mindedness

In relationships, you’re not willing to listen or embrace your partner’s way of thinking. You’re acting on pride or ego, and it’s a form of control that pushes your partner away.

#3. Manhood

The definition of ‘manhood’ changes depending on your culture and age. A man’s behavior is also influenced by his beliefs, values, and philosophies. Understanding who you are as a man will help you put things into perspective in your relationship.

#4. Pride

This looks like, “I’m going to do what I want to do when I want to do it”. These are men value their own opinion above their partner, which leads to arguments and miscommunication. Pride is another form of negative thinking and often stems from low self-worth. Work on open communication with your partner, sharing in decision making, and giving up the need to be right.

#5. Low self-esteem

Men with low self-esteem can present as needing to always be right. They are quick to blame and very temperamental. They also often seek partners with low self-esteem. Many men with low self-worth don’t realize it. It’s often due to how you were raised. If you don’t value yourself, you won’t value your partner.

#6. Making less than your partner

There’s a lot of role-shifting today where men are home or making less than their partner, and women are out making the money. This can create an identity crisis for many men, where they feel less-than. Recognize if there’s financial tension in your relationship, and discuss finances openly with your partner.

#7. Performance issues

Most s*xual performance issues occur in men over 50. s*xual challenges can happen with both men and women as hormones change. This can affect a man’s feelings about his manhood as well. It’s important to discuss s*xual issues with your partner. s*x is not just about erections and the ability to perform. It’s about intimacy and connection as well. Talk about it.


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