Top Fashion Trends for Summer 2022 You Should Try


The sticky feeling of the hot summer humidity is quickly approaching. Is your wardrobe ready? Make sure you understand and prepare by exploring the top summer fashion trends for 2022. Let’s go ahead and get right into it.

Americana Aesthetic

Close your eyes and picture the perfect Fourth of July outfit. Think classic gingham, stripes, polka dots, and other prints we associate with Independence Day. This visual will help you embrace this 2022 summer fashion trend. Incorporate bright shades of red, navy blue, bright white, and sky blue into your outfits.


Cottagecore has transformed itself from a niche appeal to a way of life. It’s full of lace, eyelet, and crochet. This trend should spark memories of visiting your grandmother’s house.

This movement is rooted in femininity, so adding in florals is a perfect way to embrace this trend. Grab color inspiration from Mother Nature with lavender, peach, and sage shades. Pair any outfit with a pair of leather sandals or wooden clogs.

Nostalgic Y2K

Fashion really does come full circle. The early 2000s are back, baby, and they’re more fashionable than ever! Pin back your hair with butterfly clips, bust out that baby tee, and grab your favorite miniskirt because it’s time to relive the summer of 2002.

Bubblegum hues are all the rage for this trend. You’ll look like you stepped right off the set of Legally Blonde.

Business Comfort

Some of us have to make the incredibly challenging transition from working at home to going back into the office. Nobody wants to sacrifice the comforts of loungewear since you’ve grown accustomed to being comfortable all day long. This realization is where the concept of business comfort was born.

It’s athleisure for the office—trade in those pencil skirts and skin-tight trousers for a pair of drawstring, wide-leg linen pants. Then, polish off the look with a blazer and pumps. Purchase an affordable pearl necklace if you really want to take the trend over the top. Pearls are HOT in jewelry this year.

Experiment with vivid and daring patterns and colors to show your true self. It’s the opportunity to make a statement after everyone has remained cooped up for so long.

Now that you know what’s in style, don’t hesitate to try out any of these summer 2022 fashion trends. You’re sure to look and feel your best all season long!


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