Tough Moment When Shatta Wale & Ibrah One Finally Met Face-To-Face | VIDEO

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Shatta Wale & Ibrah One Meet
Shatta Wale & Ibrah One Finally Meet Face To Face

Shatta Wale & Ibrah One Finally Met Face To Face

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale finally met Ibrah One who has been backlashing him for a very long time now.

On their first public meeting, Shatta Wale and Ibrah One had a vibe since their recent beef which caused the latter to childishly post nvde pictures of himself and his wife.

When they met, they gave each other compliments saying they were brothers for life and that they weren’t beefing each other.

Shatta Wale said they just wanted to give Ghanaians something to talk about. This is quite incredibly to know

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