Home News Toyin Abraham & Checkers Custard Partnership Continues with #ToyinLovesCheckers Campaign

Toyin Abraham & Checkers Custard Partnership Continues with #ToyinLovesCheckers Campaign


Toyin Abraham & Checkers Custard Partnership Continues with #ToyinLovesCheckers Campaign

What is the relationship between Nollywood’s ‘The Ghost And The Tout Too’ and Nigeria’s
quality custard brand, Checkers Custard?

Featuring as a pretend behind-the-scenes, the-soon-to-be on Netflix movie is creatively
integrated in this fresh Checkers Custard campaign, where Toyin gives a stellar performance for the premium brand.

The ad’s opening scene, shot on the same Elegushi Beach location where the movie’s beach
scene happened, brings on revered praise singer, Baba Ajobiewe who reprised his role in the

Checkers Custard Milk 3-in-1 is the star feature of this brand film,  with the Vanilla flavor also
making a cameo appearance.

For this Ramadan season, Checkers Milk Custard is the preferred choice for Sahur or Iftar where stress-free, nutrient-laden or lighter meals are desired. It is also the perfect combo meal with proteins such as meat, fish, akara, moi moi, massa and so on. It also contains calcium and protein and is fortified with essential Vitamins A&D.

With Toyin Loves Checkers, real attracts real. The ever down-to-earth Toyin Abraham shines
through with her wit and comedic drive.

Checkers Custard also comes in other exciting flavours of Banana and the all new CheckersCustard Chocolate 4-in-1.

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