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Toyin Abraham, Lizzy Anjorin end long time feud

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Nollywood actresses, Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin seem to have ended their long time feud.

Their feud which had started according to the actresses for a long time has ended. Lizzy Anjorin celebrated Toyin’s son on his third birthday days ago. Although Toyin did not respond to that, many assumed that the beef was finally over.

Toyin, on her Instagram decided to open up on the trending issue.

According to her, the duo had settled their differences and during the course of their online fights, they had dragged themselves to the Police Station.

She made the revelation in the post on her social media account.

Toyin wrote, “It is important that I mae this clarifications and share this information with the public especially after the conclusion of police investigation.

“Lizzy Anjorin and I, we no longer have issues. Yes, I had to get the police involved. The investigations revealed that I did not wrong her. She ran with a comment of a fan which did not come from me.

“At the Police station, we tabled our grievances and she apologised and we have since moved on.

“This clarification is important for some reasons and the Police have concluded their investigations and I need to let the public know.

“And please, I am begging anything that has to do with me and Lizzy is now in the past. I beg you. And I also want to beg everyone, every child is my child no mater how the case may be please kindly take children out of it. I am on my knees. I am begging, Thank you and love you all. Thank you.

“Lastly I want to say a huge thanks to all my fans for always supporting my brand and loving me unconditionally.”

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