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Toyin Lawani On Why She Blocked Nina On InstagramZUMI



After Toyin Lawani publicly called Miracle out on social media, she has once again found herself in the middle of Miracle and Nina’s relationship brouhaha.

Going by the timeline of Miracle and Nina’s relationship since the Big Brother Show, it has been one thing or the other for them. Their status as public figures has put all their business in the public. And so, Toyin Lawani who is closely associated with Nina definitely has a lot to say about their ‘relationship’.

Toyin Lawani Finally Speaks On Why She Unfollowed Nina On Instagram

(Photo: Instagram/ nina_ivy_)

Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Toyin is described as a mother-like figure to 22-year-old Nina. After what seemed like a makeup between Miracle and Nina, Toyin blocked and unfollowed Nina on Instagram. Our initial thoughts were that she was angry with Nina for going back to Miracle after he publicly denied their relationship. Nina tried to do some damage control saying it was her big sis way of scolding and correcting her and that all was well.

Nina and Toyin Lawani

(Photo: Instagram/NinaIvy)

In a recent interview with Linda Ikeji TV’s Daniel, she admitted to actually blocking and unfollowing Nina. Her reason being that she wanted Nina to learn her lesson and make smarter choices as she had people looking up to her. In her words:

”Yes its true I unfollowed her and even blocked her because I felt I felt she needs to be smart. She needs to learn a lesson bcause that way, before she makes any move she would she would think about it very well. I have made my own mistakes, who am I to tell her not to make hers. However, there are ways of doing things if you want the world to accept a particular person without making yourself look like a fool or stupid” 

Watch a clip from the interview below:

Na wa! Do you think Nina is an adult and should be allowed to make her own choices? Is Toyin just overreacting or Nina does need this kind of ‘training’. Let us know!

Regardless, Nina is still as stylish as ever!







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