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Traditional Wedding Colour Combinations For Your Ember Month WeddingZUMI

Once the ember months (September, October, November and December) kick in, it’s peak Nigerian wedding season. Choosing traditional wedding colour combinations to suit the season is quite important for the general aesthetic of your wedding.

Here are five wonderful colour combinations that can add sauce to your ember wedding:

Emerald green and red/pink

Seeing that the ember months also usher in Christmas season, it’s not out of place to use festive shades of green and red or pink for ember weddings. Emerald green adds a vibrant look to the event when combined with a suitable shade of red.

traditional wedding colour combinations

(Photo: Klala Photography)

Green and blue

You might think that green and blue could never go well, but the right shades combined will blow your mind. This combination also gives a Christmas feeling to your wedding without being too loud.

traditional wedding colour combinations

(Photo: Jiji)

Blue and yellow

This combination can be .ed around with, even with the decorations. It gives a fresh feel to your wedding and adds colour.

traditional wedding colour combinations

(Photo: Nairaland Forum)

Teal and gold

This is a wedding favourite. Teal and champagne gives your wedding a classy look, and at the same time, it looks simple.

traditional wedding colour combinations

(Photo: .s)

Brown and gold

True to the harmattan season, these earthy colours blend so well together and match all skin tones.

traditional wedding colour combinations

(Photo: Instagram/BellanaijaWeddings)

You’ve found your perfect colour, now check out these style ideas for your traditional wedding dress.

Featured image: @keziie via Instagram.



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