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Trailer for 2019 Biggest Movie Yet, ‘The Millions’ Out

The Millions movie has been described as Nollywood’s best heist movie yet. 

With top laser pictures, unique plot, and excellent characterisation, The Millions remains the movie to enjoy.


The film, which was produced by Chika Lann features the biggest star in Nigeria to include Ramsey Nouah, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ayo “AY” Makun, Ali Nuhu, Toyin Abraham and Chika Lann among others. 


After high level anticipation from movie lovers across the country, the official trailer for the movie is now out.


Watch – 


Who is your favourite act in this trailer?


In cinemas from the 30th of August.


To Premiere on the 25th of August.


Premiere Dress Code: Dress Like a Millionaire/Gangster Millionaire

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El-rufai’s Men Rev Up Campaign — Lifestyle News

  • Posters, souvenirs flood Kaduna
  • Why we’re supporting gov’s ambition– LG chair, others

The popular saying among Nigerians, nay, Africans, that there is no
smoke without fire, may have readily given credence to the current
strong speculations that the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai
has made up his mind to run for the 2023 presidential election as a
candidate from the north under the ruling All Progressives Congress

President Muhammadu Buhari, a northerner, is serving his
second term in office following his victory at the February presidential
election. The latest move by El-rufai, which remains in the background
for now, to take a shot at the presidential race in 2023 may go a long
way to thwart permutations on the return of power to the South after the
North would have had its eight years.

The ‘smoke’ that may have
indicated that there is actually a ‘fire’ somewhere towards the
presidential ambition of El-rufai was further amplified by some youths
in Kaduna State who are believed to be loyal to APC and are already
adorning T-shirts with the inscription, “El-rufai for presidency, 2023”.

youths in their numbers, penultimate Monday, stormed Kaduna Government
House, wearing the shirts under El-rufai’s nose to celebrate the
tribunal’s judgement that upheld his governorship election against the
candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Isah Ashiru.

of the youths were seen discussing in groups shortly after the
celebration in the Government House. Also, posters, bearing El-rufai’s
picture for 2023 presidency were earlier sighted on Kaduna streets,
particularly along Gwamna road, in the city centre.

Reacting to
the development, a political analyst in the State who did not want his
name in print noted that, “I don’t see how a volunteer printer in this
hard time will use his or her meagre financial re.s to print
posters and shirts for a politician who is swimming in money. So there
must be an unseen hand funding the project from behind, and very soon
the coast will be clear for all to see the man behind the wheels. Let’s
just wait and see how the event will unfold”.

However, reacting
to the speculation on El-rufai’s ambition, the National Coordinator,
Buhari Mass Movement (BMM) in 2015 election and 2019 re-election of
President Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Basheer Garba Umar said El-rufai has
the constitutional right to gun for the country’s number one position if
he so wished.

Umar who also contested Kaduna governorship
elections in 2003 under the platform of National Conscience Party (NCP)
and United Nigeria Peoples Party (UNPP) in 2007 respectively without
success, added that he is ready to support El-rufai for the presidential

According to him, “El-rufai will have my outright support
as I deem him an achiever per excellence and a bridge builder. He is
constitutionally qualified as a Nigerian to contest for the office. He
will be able to muster support in his immediate constituency, North West
and by extension Northern Nigeria. Whoever contests with him will
surely have some headache as he is a strategist and better than others
who feel they can strategize”.

Also, in a recent news item on the
Kaduna State owned radio station, 90.9 FM which was aired on September
17, the chairman, Lere local government area, Alhaji Abubakar Buba said,
“We will do everything possible to make sure that Governor El-rufai
contests the 2023 presidential election”.

“The quality and
leadership style of Governor Nasir El-rufai has started attracting
agitation from individuals and groups calling on him to contest the 2023
presidential election. One of the groups, Nasiriya organisation
inaugurated recently in Kaduna to champion sensitization of the people
on the need to work towards achieving this goal. The national chairman
of the organisation, Garkuwa Ibrahim Buwaya said the decision was
informed by the capability and wisdom of the governor to consolidate on
the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari after his second term in

For the Kaduna State Publicity Secretary of People’s
Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Abraham Catoh, “Governor Nasir El-rufai’s
speculated aspiration for the 2023 presidential election is entirely his
personal decision, which is anchored on the 1999 Constitution and it is
also an intra-party affair. In any case, the Peoples Democratic Party,
PDP, is still in court challenging the 2019 presidential elections.

Should the Supreme Court judgement favour the PDP and Atiku Abubakar,
El-rufai and other presidential aspirants would set aside their
aspirations till the end of Atiku’s tenure. The legal battle is still
on, I can’t speak further than this”.

But for the officials of
the State All Progressives Congress (APC), their silence over the
speculation was too loud. Neither the State chairman, Air Commodore
Emmanuel Jakanda (Retd) nor the State Secretary, Yahaya Baba Pate
responded to text messages sent to them by our Correspondent over the

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Enjoy Your Buhari – Reno Omokri Blasts Sowore For Supporting Him In 2015 Enjoy Your Buhari – Reno Omokri Blasts Sowore For Supporting Him In 2015

Aide to the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has blasted the presidential candidate of AAC and human right activist, Omoyele Sowore for supporting and campaigning for President Muhammadu Buhari during 2015 election.

Sowore, a founder of Sahara reporters who was in detention since July this year.

Reno Omokri said, Sowore is not some innocent activist that General Buhari is persecuting. He was an ally of Buhari, who sold him to Nigeria. We must not rewrite history or will repeat it


If you say Omoyele Sowore is a liar, I will
agree. He tells deliberate lies to destroy the reputation of those he‘s
against, using his Sahara Reporters website. He did it to me personally
and my boss. But neither Jonathan, nor I ever contemplated his arrest.

sympathise with Sowore, but I cant help but feel that his travails are
self inflicted. I know his nature. He will come out of jail, read this,
and use saharareporters to savage my reputation. But even at that, he
created the Buhari Frankenstein monster

What is happening between
Sowore and General Buhari is just a bromance gone sour. Sowore is not
some innocent activist that General Buhari is persecuting. He was an
ally of l Buhari, who sold him to Nigeria. We must not rewrite history
or will repeat it

Using saharareporters, Sowore dishonestly
DEMARKETED then President Jonathan as a “DRUNKARD”, a “SLOW POKE”,
“CLUELESS” and MARKETED Buhari as an “INCORRUPTIBLE”, a man who would
“CRUSH” Jonathan, and was “BETTER” than Jonathan and “GOOD” for Nigeria

2014, when Jonathan said “I am the most INSULTED president in the world
but when I leave office, you will all remember me for the total freedom
you enjoyed”, he was referring to Sowore and saharareporters. Nigerians
mistook his TOLERANCE for WEAKNESS

General Buhari is trying Sowore, his former partner in propaganda, for
insulting him. If insulting a President is a crime, both Buhari &
Sowore are guilty due to what they did to ex President Jonathan. But it
is NOT a crime. Sowore should be freed!

Sowore is not the victim
here. The victim, who refused to be a victim, is former President
Jonathan, who Sowore accused of thievery, yet all his children schooled
in Nigeria while he was President. 5 years after leaving office, no one
has found GEJ wanting

It is possible that people around Jonathan
made money, just as people around General Buhari are making money. But,
Jonathan was NOT the THIEF, DRUNKARD or WEAKLING Sowore painted him to
be. He is God fearing. To fear God is weakness to men like Sowore

President Jonathan is MEEK. MEEKNESS is not WEAKNESS. MEEKNESS means
you have POWER, but you RESTRAIN yourself from ABUSING it because you
want to BUILD, not DESTROY. Moses was MEEK. Nigerians dont deserve a
MEEK leader. We deserve a General Buhari!

On 4 occasions, Sowore
visited Nigeria while Jonathan was President. We knew his whereabouts.
He met then CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi, and was in contact with Buhari
and Elrufai. But Jonathan NEVER ARRESTED him because he believed in

Sowore marketed Jonathan as corrupt and weak. GEJ
would never make a man indicted by the army for theft, as reported by
PremiumTimesng, a minister. GEJ deported South Africans in retaliation
when SA deported Nigerians. It is Buhari who is WEAK & CORRUPT.

problem with the average Nigerian, is that we CRY over CONSEQUENCES,
and LAUGH over ACTIONS, not realising that CONSEQUENCE follows ACTIONS
as DAY follows NIGHT. Sowore and Saharareporters are the ACTION. Buhari
is the CONSEQUENCE. We are the AUDIENCE!

I look at those shedding
tears for Sowore and I remember when Jonathan’s son was crying after
his classmates laughed at him because they read on saharareporters that
his father is a drunkard. Even children believed what they read on

Without Sowore, General Buhari wont be
President. It‘s an indisputable FACT. He and Saharareporters poisoned
the mind of Nigerians against then President Jonathan. As Christ said
“offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”-Luke

It is a different matter if Sowore and saharareporters
used the TRUTH to turn Nigerians against then President Jonathan, but
they used LIES. Deliberate and malignant LIES. You cannot DESTROY
another man and expect Providence to BUILD you up! ko le work!

Gen Buhari has done to Sowore is a common Northern tactic. I lived in
the North. I know. Abacha used it on Abiola. He used Abiola to destroy
Shonekan. After Abiola destroyed Shonekan’s government, he was of no use
to Abacha, so Abacha threw him in jail

General Buhari and
Elrufai know what they used Sowore to achieve in destroying Jonathan.
They are not fools. These guys are more political sophisticated than
even Sowore/Tinubu know. It is brinksmanship. They wont sit and watch
them do the same to Buhari

All of you were FOOLED when General
Buhari rubbed mentholatum on his handkerchief and used it to induce
crocodile tears. Shebi you are now seeing the genuine Buhari now? Who is
crying now? Buhari or you? When we told you did you listen? Enjoy your

Gen Buhari used Sowore & saharareporters against
Jonathan and he will NEVER let them be used against him. Sowore should
have known that the first person a feudal king kills is the kingmaker
that got him the throne. So he cant remove him from the same throne

an irony! Sowore used saharareporters to remove then President Jonathan
from office, but today, he cant use the same saharareporters to remove
himself from jail. Don’t dig your enemy’s hole too deep so that when you
fall into it, you can also escape.

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We expect up to 25% of trainees to die during recruitment — Ex-Defence spokesman Gen. Agim

Former spokesman of the Defence Headquarters, Gen. John Agim Agim (rtd) has revealed that they expect 15-25% of successful applicants in each recruitment to die during training. 

Gen. Agim stated that the expectation of death in training is why applicants sign a bond of being responsible for their decision when filling a form for the Nigerian Defence Academy. 

“The military training we get already takes care of whatever situation we find ourselves. .

In training, we are taught how to survive in whichever situation we find ourselves. Even if we are captured by the enemy, we know how to survive so we don’t die as a prisoner of war. .

So by the time we go for the real operations, to us it usually looks like a rehearsal because we have already seen the worst during trainings.

I urge Nollywood film makers to try and see ways of how they can produce a few of our drills so that the public can know some of the things that we go through. .

I can assure you that we have a robust training that when you come out of it alive, you know that it is not you but God. You can go for several days without food. .

And for each of our recruitments, there is a percentage expected to die during training. And that could be as much as between 15 and 25%. .

That alone shows you that it is no . zone or a boys scout lifestyle. That is why when filling a form to the Nigerian Defence Academy, you sign a bond that you are responsible for your decision” he told The Nation. 

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