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Trevor Noah’s 91-Year-Old Grandma Reminds Us Of Every Nigerian Grandma

Trevor Noah’s 91-year-old grandma, Koko, is just like every Nigerian grandma we know.

Last week, Trevor Noah travelled to his home country, South Africa to host this just-concluded Global Citizen Festival. During his trip, he visited his grandma to learn more about his childhood for his comedy talk show, The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.

In the video, they talked about her life under apartheid, her thoughts on Mandela and how naughty Trevor was as a child. Nigerian Grandmas can be as savage as they are nurturing, from dropping petty one-liners to revealing embarrassing details from our childhood. Just like some of our grandmas did for us, Trevor’s grandmother raised him as a child in apartheid South Africa. Unfortunately for him, living as a biracial child was a crime in the country at the time.

Trevor Noah's 91-Year-Old Grandma Reminds Us Of Every Nigerian Grandma ZUMI

(Photo via The Daily Show)

Koko explained how she wouldn’t let him go out to . to protect him from the racist police of the time. When asked how she handled his naughtiness, she said: “Those big bums, they know my slippers” – something our grandmothers know how to do well. Another hilarious thing she did was to give him conditions to follow before she could watch his show on TV.

When asked why she hasn’t watched him on TV, she simply told him she didn’t have light or DSTV – that he had to fix those before getting her to watch his show. She also refused to visit him in America because “flying over the sea is not for her” – this is not surprising because grandmas are generally scared of flying.

Watch the hilarious conversation between Koko and Trevor Noah below:

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