Brunette hairstyles are just as enviable, beautiful and swoon-worthy as the strands that are in the Team Blonde. Short, long, medium, layered and everything in between, brunette hair has a richness that gives it a healthy look whether you use a solid color or utilize different hair color techniques such as highlights, ombré and balayage.

Opt for an edgy, modern way to style your dark tresses or choose a classic and romantic look – the most important thing is that you have fun and experiment with different styles to get the most out of your brunette locks. For further inspiration, take a look at the photos below and get ready to have severe hair envy!

#1: Brunette High Crown, Long Braid

In terms of jaw-dropping brunette hairstyles, it seldom gets any more fabulous than this. With a hairstyle that would rival any Disney princess, this look features a voluminous teased crown and an extra long single braid that cascades down the back.

long messy braid with a bouffant

#2: Brunette Braided Braids

Keeping the braided brunette trend alive, long brunette hairstyles like this are almost too perfect to be true. Starting in the lower middle part of the head, several interlocking braids are placed throughout the hair, all the way to the ends. The intricate details make this look a true show-stopper.

chunky braid formal hairstyle for long thick hair

#3: Brunette Bun & Beehive

Combining two winning hairstyles together to achieve the ultimate brunette updo is exactly what you see in this picture. Here, a classic beehive is paired with a large bun, while a few long braids circle the head to form a crown and a beautiful rim for the main hairstyle pieces.

low bun with a bouffant and braids

#4: Brunette Messy Updo

Sometimes the best updos are those that don’t look perfectly coiffed, such is the case with messy brunette hairstyles like this one. With the added texture of medium-length curls, this updo achieves a cute messy look with stray pieces of hair escaping along the sides.

messy curly upfo for thin hair

#5: Brunette Chignon

There is something incredibly classy and romantic about a perfectly put together chignon that looks fabulous on a variety of hair lengths from long to short. This one is low on the nape of the neck and features a delicate beaded hair piece at the base for an added flair.

formal chignon updo

#6: Brunette Waterfall Braid

In case you don’t exactly know what a waterfall braid is, this style is sure to answer your question and have you running to your stylist to recreate it. Basically, a waterfall braid is started at the side of the head and carried over to the other side, but left slightly unfinished, with the length of hair going through it, to achieve the waterfall look. This photo shows how beautiful it looks on long thick brunette hair.

lace braid half updo

#7: Brunette French Roll

If elegance is your middle name, then this chic dark brown hairstyle is a great choice for a formal event. Great with long hair or even slightly backcombed medium length locks, this sophisticated French roll is lovely for special occasions or nights out on the town.

french twist wedding updo for brunettes

#8: Brunette Side Bun

Ditch wearing your brunette bun on the nape of your neck and opt for the low side location instead. Short, long and medium brunette locks all look incredibly cute when placed in a fuss-free side bun.

messy side low bun for shorter hair

#9: Brunette Braided Updo

For all the edgy girls out there who are longing to embrace their inner rockstar, this polished look is highly recommended. Brunette hairstyles that are this funky and modern are fitting for a variety of occasions where you want to shine and turn more than one head.

fauxhawk formal updo

#10: Brunette Curls

Embracing your natural hair texture is the best way to not only showcase your beautiful curl pattern, but also have you trying out different styles that suit your hair type best. This naturally curly medium length look is kept simple by parting the hair in the middle, twisting a section on each side and securing it with Bobby pins, while the rest of the curls are left to roam freely.

medium half up hairstyle for natural hair


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