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Two Cups of This Drink Daily And These 9 Exercises Is All You Need to Get a Flat Stomach

A flat stomach is everyone’s desire, and it is not simple to achieve, as you need to exercise regularly, but you should also change the food you consume.

Today, we are going to reveal the recipe of a remedy which will burn the abdominal fat accumulated in the abdominal area, and prevent gain weight again.  It cleanses the body from all harmful toxins and waste, removes retained fluids, and boosts the function of the brain.

> is the recipe:


  • 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed juice of organic grapefruit (or orange juice)
  • 1 teaspoon pure natural honey


Mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth mixture.


You should consume this recipe before your lunch or dinner for a week, and you will notice the improvements in the area of the waist. Then, repeat for one more week.

The effectiveness of this remedy is a result of the medicinal properties of its ingredients.

Apple cider vinegar helps digestion and also lowers the needed time for the fat to leave the gastrointestinal system, since as the longer they stay, the higher the chances that they will start accumulating there.

Grapefruits are incredibly healthy and help the process of weight loss. A serving of grapefruit contains only 53 calories and about 2 grams of fiber. Researchers have found that the consumption of half a grapefruit before meals significantly boosts weight loss.

Honey contains sugar, but it is far different than the refined one that leads to weight gain, and is a rich . of “empty calories”, and brings no benefits for the health. On the other hand, pure, organic honey is rich in vitamins and minerals which support health in many ways.

If you want to have some great results you must do these 9 exercises for flat stomach every day. You will find the exercises in the video below:

Video .: XHIT Daily

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What Foods Makes You Fat? Here’s 11 High Calorie Foods

Calories are the basic essential of every food either you are trying to gain weight or lose weight  and research has shown that for some gaining weight is just as difficult as losing weight however some certain foods are packed full with the right nutrient and calories to help you gain weight with less hassle but it’s important to know which of these foods are high in calories and help you add muscle as well.

The number of calories your body needs to gain fat in a day depends on factors like gender, age, and mass lean muscles, it is vital to stick to foods that help you gain weight but still considered healthy and nutritious.

It is paramount to know your required calorie count before consuming high-calorie foods in large quantity, below are 11 high-calorie foods that help you gain healthy weight.

How Many Calories Do I Need To Gain Weight?

Calories are the basic unit found in all foods and either you are trying to gain little or excess weight then it’s necessary to be informed on how much of these calories you need 3,500 pounds equals about 1 pound of fat so you will need 3500 calories in a day gain 1 pound, but it is advised to stick to an average 2000 calories in a day to help maintain a healthy fat.

Learning the right way to gain weight is very important so as to avoid becoming obese.

High-Calorie Foods to Gain Healthy Body Fat

These are convenient foods with low carb . to help you gain weight, and also help you stimulate your muscle fat.

1. Rice

Rice is one of the top low carb .s for adding weight, one cup of cooked rice gives 100 gram which means 130 calories and as a cereal grain, it is a widely consumed food for mostly west Africans and eating the right amount will help gain weight (1). Rice also varies in grain size and color but all are high in calorie and the brown grain is more nutritious.

2. Red Meat

Red meat comes with a calorie count of 176 with 20 grams of animal protein and 10 grams of fat (2), lean red meats contain fewer calories but both lean and fatty types of meat come with lots of protein and fats which makes the calorie count be on the high side, it is best to go for meats like chicken, pork, beef, or lamb for more nutrients.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are an excellent . of weight gain and also it’s proteinous which makes it healthy for gaining weight, it is a good choice when it comes to gaining weight but not excessively, it contains fat insulin which stimulates lean muscles (3), there are different recipes to making and enjoying potatoes and whichever way you tend to make it, the calorie is still high.

4. Salmon And Oily Fish

Salmon and oily fish is an excellent . of protein, a serving is 3.5 ounce when cooked and also consists of omega 3 fatty acid which is a basic unit for protein. The right calories for gaining weight can be found in fatty fishes like mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines, and tuna (4).

5. Whole Grain Bread

Just like rice, whole grain bread contains a high amount of calories to make you fat, it provides energy too and strengthens lean muscles, whole grain bread are healthy, unlike refined grains, whole grain bread keeps you full for a very long time so gaining weight with it requires adding it to your daily diet routine (5).

6. Avocados

Avocadoes serve lots of benefits, both in losing weight and gaining weight, it’s is high in fats but it’s monosaturated fats which are good and healthy fats for the body. avocados have lots of calories and adding them to your daily diet can help you gain healthy fats (6), (7).

7. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains saturated and monosaturated fats, which is best if consumed in moderation, to keep from adding excess fats and also dark chocolates can fuel one’s energy level as it’s high in sugar. Dark chocolates are also beneficial in proving the right mineral and antioxidant to the body (8).

8. Cheese

Many believe low-fat cheese might help you lose weight as it contains calcium but the truth is you can actually gain lots of fat with cheese so eating low-fat cheese contributes to weight gain but it is a very healthy way to gain weight and build muscle (9).

9. Eggs

Eggs contain protein and help build muscle with the right fat and other healthy nutrients, eating one or two eggs in a day is also recommended if you are trying to add weight to your waistline. Eggs also boost one’s metabolic activity and the most fat is derived from the yolk (10).

10. Milk

Drinking milk especially at a high rate can make you fat, all type of milk will lead to fats and also milk is an excellent . of protein and nutrients, and milk is also a very important type of dietary for the body (11). The whole milk contains the highest level of calorie with 8 grams of fat per serving.

11. Full Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is incredibly healthy and essential for heart and body health but you can gain a considerable amount of fats if consumed regularly, and also if yogurt is stuffed with other fats gaining foods like dried fruit or grains, you tend to gain more fats (12). Full fat yogurt is also high in sugar which makes it unhealthy to anyone with signs of diabetics.

Can I Eat Healthy And Gain Weight?

Healthy eating is very important if you plan to gain weight and still stay fit and healthy, planning your meals are essential and keeping track of the calories your body needs will help prevent becoming unhealthy.

Eating too many calories can cause the healthy to suffer and other issues like overweight and obese and fewer calories consumption can also lead to being underweight and weaken immunity hence why it’s vital to plan a healthy weight gain.

Minimum calories of 2000 per day would give you strength and help you exercise properly but if you plan to exercise extensively then you should increase your calorie count but stick to the healthy carbs.

If you plan to gain weight and maintain it then it’s also vital to keep a track of your weight, inch, and eating habit, track your progress and set targets for each month pound gain. Muscle building exercise will also help you stay on track and build those fats fast.

Missing food? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section!

Trying to not get fat? Check out some of these foods that are unhealthy for your waistline.

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Weight Loss

This is How a 78 Year Old Vegan Bodybuilder Looks And Eats Like

78-year-old-vegan-bodybuilderJim Morris, а compеtitivе bodybuildеr for 30 yеаrs аnd a vеgаn for much of thаt timе. Аt 50 hе wаs а vеgеtаriаn аnd аt 65 hе bеcаmе vеgаn.

Our undеrstаnding of humаn hеаlth continuеs to еvolvе аnd chаngе ovеr timе, just likе аnything еlsе, аnd аs sciеncе continuеs to shеd light on thе hеаlth bеnеfits аssociаtеd with еаting lеss mеаt аnd morе “еаrthly” foods likе orgаnic fruits аnd vеgеtаblеs, morе pеoplе аround thе globе аrе mаking thе trаnsition to а vеgеtаriаn аnd/or vеgаn diеt. Thеrе is а rеаson why а plаnt bаsеd diеt cаn hеlp prеvеnt ovеr ovеr 60% of chronic disеаsе dеаths.

Jim isn’t thе only onе. Frаnk Mеdrаno, аnothеr vеgаn bodybuildеr, displаys еnormous аmounts of strеngth. I show thеsе vidеos to dispеl thе protеin myth thаt commonly plаguеs vеgаns аnd vеgеtаriаns. It’s not likе you’d аsk а gorillа whеrе it gеts its protеin from, would you?

Rеsеаrch indicаtеs thаt rаtеs of hеаrt disеаsе аnd cеrtаin cаncеrs аrе strongly аssociаtеd with аnimаl protеin bаsеd diеts. Plаnt bаsеd diеts, on thе othеr hаnd, offеr plеnty of protеin аnd cаlcium, аlong with fаr grеаtеr аmounts of othеr еssеntiаl nutriеnts (likе аntioxidаnts аnd complеx cаrbohydrаtеs) thаt you simply won’t find in mеаt or dаiry products. Hеrе is а list of 10 protеin pаckеd plаnts if you would likе to gеt stаrtеd.

“Thе protеin in аnimаl products is fillеd with fаts аnd chеmicаls аnd аll sorts of stuff thаt’s hаrmful to you. Whеn I wаs compеting аnd stuffing down аll thаt stuff, I hаd lots of digеstivе problеms, I wаs constipаtеd аnd bloаtеd, just misеrаblе аll thе timе. I don’t concеrn mysеlf with protеin аnymorе, bеcаusе thеrе is еnough in whаt I еаt. I аm not only hеаlthy, but I fееl bеttеr аbout mysеlf аnd how I rеlаtе to othеr crеаturеs in thе world.” – Jim

If you аrе curious аbout vеgеtаriаn аnd vеgаn diеts, hopеfully this аrticlе will inspirе you to look into thеm furthеr. Studiеs show thаt vеgеtаriаns аnd vеgаns livе, on аvеrаgе, 6 to 10 yеаrs longеr thаn mеаt-еаtеrs аnd thеy’rе lеss likеly to suffеr from chronic illnеssеs. Of coursе, it’s аlwаys importаnt to do your rеsеаrch if you аrе considеring а mаjor diеtаry chаngе. Don’t just tаkе my word for it, find somе of thе informаtion thаt’s out thеrе аnd you will sее for yoursеlf.

> is аn intеrviеw with Jim аnd PЕTА, where hе tаlks аbout thе hеаlth problеms hе еndurеd whеn hе аtе mеаt аnd dаiry products. Hе еxplаins thаt if hе hаd continuеd to еаt unhеаlthy аnimаl products hе wouldn’t bе аlivе todаy.

Article and Image .:

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7 Myths About Weight Loss You Must Know

‘Weight loss this, weight loss that’, a lot is being said about weight loss everywhere.

From diet to exercise, there are a lot of misconception and myths about losing weight. Most of the time, we do not pay attention to whether your weight loss habits would cause a long term or short term weight loss effect.

Losing weight can be a rigorous process, there are myths that even make it harder to carry out. Here are 7 of them that you need to be conscious or cautious of.

1. Fat causes Fat

Sounds logical, but it really isn’t like that, there’s body fat (the one stored up in your body) and there is dietary fat (the one you consume). Consuming dietary fat doesn’t directly convert into body fat.

There are studies that have shown that high fat and low carb diets actually cause weight loss. There is really nothing fattening about dietary fat unless you’re consuming a high carb and fat diet, then, you might get fat.

So it’s a big myth that fat causes fat.

2. Thin people are healthy, obese people are not

This is so not true!

It is true that being obese predisposes one to several chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart conditions, increased risk for some types of cancer, and so on, but there are several thin individuals battling with the same illnesses.

The major issue is where the fat is being stored, if it’s in the abdominal region where there are fat around the organs then there is a cause to worry.

There are a substantial amount of weighty people that are very healthy which means that being fat isn’t a factor to define unhealthy.

3. All calories are equal

A calorie is a unit of energy derived from food and all calories aren’t equal.

All calories have the same energy content, but they do have different effects on the body depending on the . (the i.e protein-calorie effect is different from carbohydrate calorie effect, etc).

Calories from whole, unprocessed food are more filling than refined, processed products. When next you’re counting calories, put in mind the calorie ..

4. There are magical foods that cause weight loss

It is not true that there are specific foods that cause weight loss rapidly.

The best bet is to consume high fiber foods as they fill you better while attaining low kilojoules, which in turn leads to low energy consumption which may help in losing weight.

Examples of such foods are vegetables, wholegrain bread, and cereals, and legumes also tend to be low in fat.

5. Healthier foods are more expensive

It is rational to think so, but this isn’t always the case.

You could start replacing certain ingredients to healthier ones while cooking your basic meals. You could also try stir-fries, they are amazing and are packed up with healthy ingredients.

6. Supplements help you to lose weight

Studies have shown that supplements have little or no effect on weight loss, only a few brands have succeeded in helping their clients lose a few kgs over months.

The other method of action while using supplements is by the Placebo effect. This works by the belief that the recipient has towards the supplement, the supplements most of the time are of no value.

7. Losing weight is about willpower and not biology

This may be true to some individuals and not all.

What happens to individuals with obesity running in their family?

If it’s in the genes, there is little the individual can do about losing weight even if the individual has willpower taller than the empire state building. It should also be noted that losing weight isn’t an easy process.

Weight loss management has been trending for more than a decade now, and it could be a rigorous process for those involved in it, adding untrue facts to the process can be daunting.

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