Two Pastors Willingly Converts To Islam In Ogun State (Photos)

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As Christians preach the word of God and win souls for Christ, so also are the Muslims not relenting as they also embrace their religion and evangelise Islam to others around them.

A Picture has got people talking on social media. The photos contains two pastors who allegedly and willing went to an Islamic lecture in Ogun State where they gave up their faith and willingly embraces a new faith.

In this picture, the imam preaching said in Yoruba “Fun ara yin ni e wa darapo mo esin Islam, a fi tipa mu yin” which on translation to English means that “Both of you came here willingly to join Islam and we didn’t force you to join”.

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See Images below:

Two Pastors Willingly Converts To Islam In Ogun State

Later in the video, the two pastors were seen embracing their new faith during as they were very happy on converting to the new religion.

Reports also said that they were given the names, Muhammad Saheed and Muhammad Jamiu respectively.

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