Tyga Lives Large In “Nigo In Beverly Hills” Music Video


Tyga offers new visuals from his latest project, “Well Done Fever.”

Tyga is fresh off of the release of his latest project, Well Done Fever which arrived just before the year came to a close. He’s returned into circulation as a go-to feature which he’s managed to coast on throughout 2020. He did drop off a few singles but it didn’t feel like a follow-up to Legendary was coming soon. Obviously, that changed by the time the year came to an end.

The rapper returned with fresh visuals off of the project for his homage to Bape founder, “Nigo In Beverly Hills.” There’s little footage of Beverly Hills in the music video. Instead, Tyga and A.E. stunt with foreign cars in front of a private jet before hopping on the private jet where they’re greeted with a woman twerking and chicken sandwiches. Tyga’s really living it up. 

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