Uche Elendu Reacts As Twerps Call Her ‘Ole’ And ‘Liar’ Over Looted Shop Scandal

Uche Elendu has reacted to allegations that she lied about her store being looted just to get donations from well-meaning Nigerians.

Fellow actress, Doris Ogala accused Uche Elendu of flaunting someone else’s looted store as hers.  She claims she knows the real owners of the store and asked Uche Elendu to come clean otherwise she’ll expose her.

Followers of Uche Elendu took to Instagram to question Uche about this allegation. Some called her out, others asked her to explain herself. Uche Elendu and Doris Ogala“The store that was looted, was it yours,” one follower asked. Uche responded: “Yes it is.” She added, “My fans know the truth, others are free to patronize clout.” To the follower who called her “ole” (thief), Uche responded: “Your mother ole.” See below.

Photo Credit: Getty

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