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Udom Emmanuel Shows Promise, Restores Hope


As the race for presidency intensifies, the PDP presidential primaries is being keenly observed by many around the world. With just days away, aspirants across the party are gearing up for the final steps to the primaries. Among those frequently talked about is Udom Emmanuel the Governor of Akwa Ibom state. At just 55 years, he is one of the youngest aspirants in the PDP presidential line up.

Governor Udom who was able to transform the internal economy of Akwa Ibom into having a multibillion dollar IGR, has demonstrated craftsmanship in bringing out the best from the least. For example agriculture that had not had strong attention prior to his governorship, has now become a mainstay for the state’s economy and a leader in Nigeria. A few days ago, the state launched the first ever multi-billion naira coconut oil refinery in Africa with 11,000 hectares of coconut plantation to drive it.

As Akwa Ibom is on its way to exporting coconut oil, governor Udom Emmanuel made sure the youth have a platform to find productivity. He did this with his DAKKADA entrepreneurship drive which gave many youth training, seed funding and capacity building platforms to explore their potentials.

The industrialization Akwa Ibom has seen in the last few years is a testament that the Udom Emmanuel drive is working. At least 20 industries with enduring economic benefits alongside other legacy projects in the state have sprung in the last seven years. These robust economic policies have also attracted Foreign Direct Investments in industries that prior to his administration were nonexistent.

While meeting with the board of trustees of the PDP, Governor Emmanuel explicitly said Nigeria was facing a storm and he was prepared to bring the storm to a calm. He acknowledged Nigeria is richly blessed with many resources and he was going to bring the many resources to high yielding state with human capital development, strengthening security and championing innovative transformation in industry across board.

As the build up to the party primaries gathers the final momentum will the PDP put its best foot forward by fielding a youthful forward thinking candidate like Governor Udom Emmanuel? The intellectual proficiency of his administration and the stellar work Governor Udom put in Akwa Ibom state go to show there’s hope if Nigeria chooses wisely. The politics is not just the only thing at stake, the future of Nigeria also hangs on this delicate precipice in the PDP. Will Udom Emmanuel be allowed to rescue Nigeria?

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