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UK-based fashion designer promotes African prints, attire in Kwara |

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Hauwa de Zuzu, a UK-based Luxury and Lifestyle brand, has unveiled its fashion outfits in Ilorin, with a unique blend of Fulani-Yoruba attire and prints.

Bukola Oreagba, the Chief Executive of the outfit, explained that the brand has been making waves in the United Kingdom and Lagos over the years.

According to her, the brand focuses on using fashion to promote the beauty of different cultures and tribes in Nigeria.

She said that Hauwa de Zuzu brand is the combination of Fulani and Yoruba cultural attire which depict beauty, attractiveness and uniqueness.

“The brand is a celebration of identity, unity and togetherness. It was born from the need to celebrate culture and women while uplifting and spreading the powerful message of solidarity and kinship,” Oreagba said.

The CEO, who is an indigene of Kwara, explained that the company uses local fabrics such as Adire, Kampala, Lace and Aso-oke to design lovely wears for both male and female.

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