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Ukraine: Nigerians stranded as evacuation mission stalls


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No fewer than 2,000 Nigerians evacuated from Ukraine are reportedly stranded in different embassies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had on Wednesday revealed that the Nigerians were currently in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

“So far, we have the following records of evacuees received by Nigerian embassies at: Hungary (650 persons), Poland (350 persons), Romania (940 persons) and Slovakia (150 persons),” a statement read in part.

“The capacity and route of the airlines are as follows: Max Air to Romania 560 persons, Air Peace to Poland, 364 persons and Air Peace to Hungary 360 persons”.

According to the ministry, the first batch of Nigerian evacuees from Ukraine was expected to arrive the country on Thursday.

This was after President Muhammadu Buhari approved $8.5m dollars to the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Humanitarian, Disaster Management, and Social Development, towards the evacuation of over 5,000 (registered and unregistered) Nigerians stranded in Ukraine.

However, it was gathered that the evacuation has been postponed.

An official of the ministry, Bolaji Akinremi, said the flight scheduled for take-off on Thursday was postponed due to a delay in preparing passengers for the check-in process.

The flight has now been scheduled for this morning.

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