A pervert boy who accosted teenage girls in their dormitory and forcefully rem0ved their clothes while taking na ked pictures of them is on the radar of the police.

Police have placed a manhunt for a teenage boy on a charge of s exual assault after allegedly breaking into a girl’s dormitory to take pictures of na ked girls.

According to the police investigation, the boy was seen playing with several doors in the dormitory before a 17-year-old girl opened her bedroom door. Then, he forcefully ripped her shirt before attempting to take her pictures. After a brief struggle, she managed to push him out of her room, but he was able to enter the room of another 17-year-old girl.

The boy then exposed himself to her before she ran out of her room. The boy ran after her and he managed to rip off her shirt.

The boy is said to be around 5 feet tall and was wearing a blue sweater, dark blue jeans and a hooded jacket. 

Police are currently searching for the young assailant.



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