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Unbelievable: Community In Shock As Herbalist’s Corpse Exhumed 14 Years After Burial Fails To Decompose In Nasarawa

A Nigerian village called Jangulu, which is located on the Nasarawa-Oweto Expressway has been left in complete shock.

The village lately become the object of public attention in Nasarawa State following the discovery of a herbalist’s corpse that remained intact 14 years after it was buried, according to a report by The Nation.

Galo Onyejodu, a native doctor, had died in 2009 and was buried by the roadside only for his corpse to be exhumed with bulldozers belonging to GITTO, a construction company saddled with the task of rehabilitating the road in question.

The development threw the entire community into shock and disbelief as Onyejodu’s corpse remained fresh with the white cloth it was wrapped in still as new as ever even though the wooden coffin that housed his body had decayed.

Added to the shocking discovery was the fact that there was no stench coming from the 14-year-old corpse.

As it would be expected, news of the strange development spread across the town and neighbouring communities like wild fire as the villagers trooped to the scene to catch a glimpse of the body.

But the community leader in the village, Ayambuga, who witnessed the burial 14 years ago and also monitored its exhumation, was not willing to delay its reburial as the spot instantly turned into a museum.


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