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Unbelievable! Did Tinubu’s Daughter Buy Lover G-Wagon Just To Say ‘Sorry’? (Photos)



Could it be true that Tinubu’s daughter actually gave her lover a G-wagon not for his birthday or for any special occasion but just as a way of apologising for whatever wrong she must have done? Well, don’t conclude yet.

It is true that in every relationship, there are several ways through which two lovers make up for their mistakes when one party offends the other but if this turns out to be true, then the Economic and Financial Crimes Commision (EFCC) must be alerted!

We may not know what went down between the two love birds prior to the G-wagon gift, but with this smooth ride, one can almost be certain that the young man will most definitely let go of his anger (as a correct Naija guy! lol).

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According to the person that shared the photos of the vehicle on social media, they posted the picture with the caption:

“Later they would say Nigeria women are not romantic. We surprised this man with a G-Wagon today, and we can’t even keep calm. There was also a note saying ‘I am sorry’. so we would be doing a part 3 soon. So the woman said to us we should just drop the key for him with a note. *wedding bells* *lips sealed* We were more than happy to do this delivery, I wish I could write the full gist, but it is not professional, beg me if u wanna KNOW. Did i forget to mention Tinubu’s daughter was in the restaurant, lips sealed.

The man received the G-Wagon with a note which reads: “I am sorry, I love you.”

It’s obvious the lady who put this piece of news on social media was playing with words, if not, why would Tinubu’s daughter be waiting in the restaurant if it were not to get a feed-back on their delivery mission?  My thought though. What do you guys think?

See Pictures below:

Tinubu's daughter
Tinubu’s Daughter Buys Lover G-Wagon?

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Tinubu's daughter 1
The Young Man Posing With His New Ride

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Tinubu's daughter 2

If I were the guy, I’ll make sure she offends me all the time! LOL

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