It’s no news these days that Chinese women are known for pretty younger looks than their ages. But what remains a mystery is how they end up looking this young without any magical help from the surgeon. Liu Xiaoquing is one of such people who have amazingly rebuilt themselves to conquer the domineering powers of old age.  

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The October 30th 1955 born Liu Xiaoquing is a Chinese woman who is known for her active roles in the Chinese movies from the 1980s. Her very first appearance as an actor was as a stage actor for the Chengdu Military Drama Group (The Chengdu Military Region is one of seven military districts and is located in the southwest of the People’s Republic of China).

Before then Liu worked as a farm laborer, then as a propagandist for the People’s Liberation Army. Before she was age 30, Liu’s role in Mainland Chinese Films opened her up to the industry especially as she won several awards through it. In fact her portrayal of Empress Dowager Cixi in The Burning of the Imperial Palace (1983) was said to have won her many awards during the Chinese film festivals. It is recorded that Liu bags the highest number of awards won in the actress categories of the Hundred Flowers Award, with three Best Actress and one Best Supporting Actress.

Liu comb.

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Having left the film industry in the 1990s and 2000s, Liu engaged herself in real estate bussines. Few years later, her assets grew to include four real estate companies based in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Yantai and Kunming.  Ms. Liu’s business interests also grew to include food and cosmetics industry, advertising and film production. Before the dawn of a new century, Ms Liu Xiaoqiung grew not only as a movie star but also as a billionaire known in China. In 1999, she was numbered among the ’50 China’s Richest Businessmen’ by Forbes.

coooom Liu has been interviewed on several occasions on what and how she does to maintain her natural beauty, in fact, some were said to have accosted her just to know if she underwent plastic surgeries, but Ms Liu Xiaoquing still stood her ground saying she did it all naturally. In her Memoir titled I did it my way, Liu narrated her success story and named herself the Billionaire Sister. She also promoted her success by publishing a book titled From a Movie Star to a Billionaire.

The Chinese call her ‘Frozen Beauty’ because of her everlasting beauty, the World named her ‘The Most Beautiful Woman’ in the world and she named herself Billionaire Sister.What more befitting name could be given to this beauty queen.