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‘Urgent need for state of emergency’, RMD laments over train blast


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Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, professionally known as RMD, has lamented over the security of the country especially the Kaduna-Abuja train blast.

The actor has urged the government to call for an urgent state of emergency. He noted that the country is in chaos and attention is needed.

He said this in reaction to the destruction of properties at the last concluded World Cup game in Nigeria and the Kaduna-Abuja train blast leading to lives lost, many injured and some missing.

RMD noted that Nigerians have seen it all. He said they are angry and broken and the slightest incident can lead to provocation.

Reacting to the train blast, he sympatised with the families affected and recalled how he had been on trains prior to the incident and how they were only lucky.

Stating how certain news have become a part of Nigerians’ daily lives, he said, “Nothing surprises and shocks us anymore; we have seen and heard it all. Ridiculousness has been enthroned by our leaders at every level.

“There’s an urgent need to declare a state of emergency in this country. We’re heading for the precipice and it doesn’t seem like we are interested in pulling the brakes.

“After now, it is a free fall. The government needs to do more than just promises to apprehend the perpetrators and truly save the lives of WE.

“At this time last year I was on the train to Kaduna and we talked about how unsafe life is and the risks we were taking. We’re the lucky ones.

“Again a month ago, I was on the Lagos /Ibadan train, and it was the same specter of death and attacks that plagued our minds. This is not to disregard the comfort and timeliness of the train ride and how desirable it is there.

“Point is, it could be anyone any day. On the road, at the airport, train station, nowhere is safe anymore. This is the extent of our brokenness.

“If anything is an indication of how broken we are today, then the shameful storming of the pitch and destruction of the MKO national stadium Abuja, is a clear indication. People are angry and bitter and are just looking for triggers. And boy! they’re plenty.”

RMD also weighed on the disapproving tweets the deceased doctor had gotten after her cry for help was posted on her Twitter page.

“See the initial reactions to the quite clear tweet of the young doctor who died from gunshot wounds from the train, and you will see that we have also lost our humanity.”

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