Adonna Ebrahimi is stretched out on her yoga mat, struggling to maintain a cobra pose – and her composure – as a couple of baby goats do a balancing act on her back.

Welcome to “Goat Yoga”, the latest fitness craze sweeping the United States, where young and old are lining up for the popular classes that leave participants not only saying “namaste” but also in stitches.

The new workouts taking place on farms across the country involve Nigerian Dwarf goats – miniature goats of West African origin – roaming about as yogis practice their exercise routines.
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yoga instructor Meridith Lana said interacting with the goats is an experience similar to playing with a pet, which has clinically been proven to relieve stress and improve well-being.

Several of her students said while the goats did admittedly get in the way of the yoga stretches and poses, they were a welcome distraction that had everyone giggling and vowing to come back for more.