A new drug called Venetoclax which cure cancer has been developed in Melbourne Australia and approved by the United State for the specific treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, CLL.

According to report from the medical institute, a clinical trial of the drug showed a positive result of 80 percent, with one in five patients finishing the programme completely cancer-free.

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The drug is reportedly taken in pills-form and some of the patients who were treated with the drug so far, said it has no adverse side-effects at all.

Professor Andrew Robert who’s a clinical hematologist and head of clinical translation at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research explained that the drug melt cancer away in 20 percent of people.

How the Drug, Venetoclax Eliminate Cancer

Prof. Robert who also helped coordinate the trial said;

“Cells, when they are born, are destined to die and cancer cells and particularly leukemia cells delay that death by using a protein called BCL2 that stops the normal time of death.

“Venetoclax works by reestablishes the balance of the body’s immune system, specifically blocking the action of that BCL2 and effectively allows the cancer cells to die in the way that they were destined to.”

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One of the patients, Robert Oblak, who administered the drug in the 2013 trial, described the course of Venetoclax “as like taking Panadol.” He maintained that it has ‘absolutely’ no side effect.

Venetoclax Discovered To Cure Cancer Is Like Taking 'Panadol'

However, a report from the FDA showed that depending on the patient, side-effects from Venetoclax include low white blood cell count, diarrhoea, nausea, anaemia, upper respiratory tract infection, low platelet count, and fatigue. Serious complications can include pneumonia, fever, and death.

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It revealed that during the Venetoclax trial, of the 107 patients, 11 died; seven because of the progression of their cancer, and four from adverse side-effects. But in any case, the new immunotherapy drug has proven to be way better than the traiditional chemotherapy treatment of cancerous tumors and has been implemented to be used for treatment of CLL in USA.


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